Relaxation Massage Services

Need a Special Condition treated that is not on our list? Then Speak with our friendly staff to customize your remedial message service.
Type TimeCost
Neck5 mins$5
Head 10 mins$10
Neck & Head15 mins$15
Shoulders 15 mins$15
Knees 20 mins$20
Neck & Shoulders20 mins$20
Arms & Hands20 mins$20
Neck, Shoulders & Head25 mins$25
Neck, Shoulders, Arms & Hands30 mins$30
Back30 mins$30
Legs30 mins$30
Feet Massage30 mins$30
Scented Oil Massage30 mins$40
Herbal Foot Spa & Massage50 mins$45
Back & Legs50 mins$50
Whole Body
60 mins $60



Remedial Massage Services

We offer on the spot rebates for the services listed below.If your health fund is not our HICAPS list then we will provide you with a tax invoice for your claim
Type Time Cost
Torticollis 20 mins $25
Tennis Elbow 20 mins $25
Frozen Shoulder 20 mins$25
Child care Massage 30 mins$30
Reflexology 30 mins$40
Pre and Post Natal Care Massage 40 mins$45
Sciatica 40 mins $50
Deep Tissue Oil Massage 30 mins $50

30 mins $45
Cupping 25 mins$30
Deep Tissue Oil Massage with Hot Stones
40 mins$60
Luxurious Pamper Package

110 mins $100



New Services

Acupressure Massage with Scented Oils 20 mins $ 30
Acupressure Massage with Scented Oils
(Complementary Cupping or Hot Stones)
40 mins $ 60
Acupressure Massage with Scented Oils
(Complementary Cupping or Hot Stones)
60 mins $ 90
Acupressure Massage with Scented Oils,
Foot Spa and Foot Massage
90 mins $ 120
Foot and legs Acupressure Massage 40 mins $ 40
Massage and Foot Spa
(Foot spa during head, neck, shoulder and/or arm massage)
50 mins $ 55
Foot, back and legs Acupressure Massage 60 mins $ 60
Acupuncture and Cupping
(Bookings are essential)
40 mins $ 70

10% Seniors Discount on presentation of a valid pensioners card.